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FSS Stakeholder Workshop 05.09.2023 | Berlin

Präsentationen FSS Stakeholder Workshop zum Thema Menschenrechtliche Risiken in Agrarlieferketten erkennen und adressiere, 05.09.2023 | Berlin

The FSS: Demonstrating Companies Efforts Towards Zero Hunger Supply Chains

This flyer contains the FSS solutions and tools as well as the services that the FSS can offer.

FSS Due Diligence Webinar: Hands on Risk Assessment

The first online event of our FSS Due Diligence Webinar Series on 29th November 2022 explores how the FSS tools can be used to identify human rights risks within a thorough Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) management system

How the Food Security Standard works: expected changes and benefits

In order to change agricultural production in a way that meets basic human rights standards, it is crucial to build a theory of change for the instruments used.

The FSS in the context of Germany’s new supply chain act

Handout on the positioning of the Food Security Standard as a tool to comply with the German Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz)

Food Security beyond the farm gate: the FSS in a Landscape Approach

The second part of our blog series places food security and the FSS within the framework of the landscape approach and expands this concept to strengthen the social perspective

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“Was mich am Food Security Standard überzeugt ist die Objektivität, mit der die Verfügbarkeit von Nahrungsmitteln für Kleinbauern gemessen wird.“
— Michael Kitetu (AfriCert, Kenya, 2020)
Food Security Standard