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The Human Right to Food in voluntary sustainability standards


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The FSS as a tool for corporate due diligence

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Protecting the human right to food with the FSS

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Food security is a human right and is directly anchored in
SDG 2 “no hunger” of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Hunger and malnutrition persist in many countries of the Global South producing agricultural commodities for global markets. The Food Security Standard helps companies involved in such agricultural production chains to fulfil their social responsibilities.


Why the Right to Food matters?

Food security is a fundamental human right. Yet hunger and malnutrition persist in many countries of the Global South. At the same time, many countries experiencing high levels of hunger also produce agricultural commodities for global markets.

What we do

The FSS can support companies in meeting mandatory corporate due diligence requirements and internationally recognized principles. In addition, it supports companies in identifying and mitigating human rights risks related to food by implementing the FSS at the production level. 

Team and Partners

The Food Security Standard and its approach will be continuously further consulted through a multi-stakeholder process, involving representatives of the private sector, the research sector, civil society, development organizations, sustainability certification schemes and administrations.

FSS Benefits

Food Security

Farmers, workers and local communities are food secure.

Human right

Producer of agricultural goods comply with the human right to food.

Due diligence

Retailer demonstrate due diligence in food security.


Consumers can opt for products that are also sustainable regarding food security.

Latest Publications

The Food Security Standard – Ensuring social sustainability in agricultural production

The Food Security Standard aims to support the private sector’s effort to end hunger and to improve social sustainability. It seeks to realize the right to adequate food through the responsible production and global trade of agricultural commodities.

FOSSEM – A stepwise approach

To fulfill the “Right to Food” and to achieve FSS certification, all criteria need to be complied with. However, complying with all requirements at once can be challenging for a farm and may take more time to achieve full compliance. In these situations, the FSS offers an alternative path: Food Security Sensitive Management (FOSSEM).

Upscaling the Right to Food through Certification

What happens if the Right to Food is violated in the very first step of the supply chain – where agricultural products like coffee, rubber or palm oil are grown? This happens in countries affected by hunger which produce products for global markets. The Food Security Standard (FSS) provides a solution: with this certification, the private sector can assess the local food security situation and showcase their commitment to human rights.

“It is time to share responsibility. The environmental and social costs of agricultural production are often not reflected in the price we are paying for our food, for agricultural commodities and raw materials. It is time to pay the real price for agricultural products.”
— Dr. Liliana Gamba, WWF Deutschland(2020)

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The Food Security Standard (FSS) takes into account the Right to adequate Food in agricultural production. Applying the FSS in sustainability certification systems ensures that farmers, workers, and neighbouring communities are food secure.

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany, independent of politics and religion. It was established in 1962, as the German section of the “Freedom from Hunger Campaign”.

Meo Carbon Solutions is an independent consulting company with a focus on sustainable development solutions, smallholder empowerment and social compliance, sustainability certification and carbon footprint improvement. Meo is working on a global scale and supporting the application of the FSS.

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