Understanding the FSS

How does the FSS work?


About the FSS

Food Security is a cornerstone for sustainability


Farmers and agricultural workers in the Global South are prone to hunger


FSS Certification

FSS ensures that farmers, workers and nearby communities are food secure


Food security is a human right. Hunger and malnutrition persist in many countries of the Global South producing agricultural commodities for global markets. The Food Security Standard helps companies involved in such agricultural production chains to fulfil their social responsibilities.

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What is the FSS?

Many small-scale farmers and agricultural workers are going hungry. This issue must be solved in sustainability certified agricultural production.

The Food Security Standard (FSS) ensures the food security of farmers, workers and encompasses the situation of nearby communities. The FSS enables companies to fulfil farmers’ and farm workers’ right to food and thereby to practice social responsibility from the very first point in the supply chain.

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Why do we need the FSS?

Globally, 811 million people are going hungry and over two billion are malnourished. The majority of the hungry people live in rural areas and are often smallholders or landless labourers ...

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What is food security?

Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

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What we offer

We offer all the services needed for a valid and successful certification with the FSS. We are there to provide advice and support for all actors involved in agricultural value chains ...

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FSS Benefits


Food Security

Farmers, workers and local communities are food secure.


Human right

Producer of agricultural goods comply with the human right to food.


Due diligence

Retailer demonstrate due diligence in food security.



Consumers can opt for products that are also sustainable regarding food security.

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What is the Food Security Standard in concrete terms and to what extent does it make companies work more sustainably and show responsibility?

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The FSS provides a practical instrument for demonstrating that the “right to food” enjoyed by farm workers, smallholder farmers and communities.

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As part of the accompanying research on the Food Security Standard (FSS), the significance of sustainability standards in German consumer behaviour.

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“It is time to share responsibility. The environmental and social costs of agricultural production are often not reflected in the price we are paying for our food, for agricultural commodities and raw materials.
It is time to pay the real price for agricultural products.”
Dr. Liliana Gamba, WWF Germany (2020)
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