From Risk to Impact: Implementing Human Rights Due Diligence

DATE: 17th November 2021, 3 – 5 pm
PLACE: Online (Zoom) – simultaneous translation Spanish – English
ORGANIZERS/COOPERATION: FSS (MEO/WHH), 4C (including GRAS), Swiss Coffee Trade Association & Nestlé

The German Supply Chain Act is here! But what does it mean for the players in global agricultural supply chains? What changes do companies have to prepare for and what effects can be expected as a result? Is the law sufficient to ensure the human rights due diligence of companies and will producers in the Global South eventually benefit from new regulations in sourcing countries?
The event will serve to discuss the potential impacts and challenges in implementing HRDD in high-risk supply chains. It will highlight how it can contribute to human rights fulfillment in general and the Right to Food of farmers and workers in particular. Practical solutions will be crucial for companies to meet their due diligence obligations and a range of tools is already available for risk analysis and traceability, supplier queries or trainings. Certification schemes will play an important role for companies to manage risks along the supply chain and meet the requirements of the German Supply Chain Act.
The speakers will present concrete examples of challenges, opportunities and approaches in agricultural production in countries affected by hunger to open the room for an in-depth panel discussion.


Michael von Lührte (Swiss Coffee Trade)
• Brief presentation of Due Diligence Acts with focus on its impact on producers in the Global South

Marcelo Burity (Nestlé)
• Role of Voluntary Sustainability Certification for mandatory due diligence

Katia Masias-Bröcker (Meo Carbon Solution)

Lisa Heinemann (Welthungerhilfe / Food Security Standard)
• Food insecurity as risk factor? NaFSA

Alejandra Rueda
• How to deal with high-risk products from the Global South
• Risk of withdrawal/disengagement

Food Security Standard