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Integrating the right to food in sustainability standards

A theory of change to move global supply chains from responsibilities to impacts. Based on qualitative research, a theory of change was developed and tested in six case studies across the globe. The theory of change discusses relevant stakeholders, necessary changes, expected impacts, and emphasizes the role of market demand and institutional frameworks.

Certification Schemes in Sustainable Food Systems – a favorable Track?

The first blog in our new series puts the FSS in the context of food systems and shows how the Food Security Standard, complemented by existing certification schemes, can add value to holistic food systems approaches.

The Food Security Standard in Context: Certification Schemes in Sustainable Food Systems – a favorable Track?

Sustainability schemes can play an important role in translating generic sustainability requirements into sector-specific best-practice. If embedded into a popular consumer label, sustainability schemes can add considerable value to global agricultural production chains. The Food Security Standard (FSS) shows how an add-on with a specific purpose can be integrated into such a system and add value to it.

Handbook for Auditors

The Handbook for Auditors is a practical guidance that explains the Food Security Standard (pillars/principles) and its use within the framework of sustaibalibity standards.

4C Food Security Add-On Flyer

Get information on our first 4C Food Security Add-On and the respective Training from August 23 – 26th 2022.

Newsletter Januar 2022

• Neues interaktives FSS Tool zur Riskoanalyse
• Veröffentlichung FSS Erklärvideos
• Rückblick auf die FSS Konferenz – Rural21

“Was mich am Food Security Standard überzeugt ist die Objektivität, mit der die Verfügbarkeit von Nahrungsmitteln für Kleinbauern gemessen wird.“
— Michael Kitetu (AfriCert, Kenya, 2020)
Food Security Standard