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DER FOOD SECURITY STANDARD – Soziale Nachhaltigkeit in der landwirtschaftlichen Produktion sicherstellen

Der Food Security Standard unterstützt die Bemühungen des Privatsektors, den globalen Hunger zu überwinden und eine nachhaltige soziale Entwicklung zu fördern. Er zielt darauf ab, das Recht auf angemessene Nahrung durch verantwortungsvolle Produktion und globalen Handel mit Agrarrohstoffen zu verwirklichen.

FOSSEM – A stepwise approach

To fulfill the “Right to Food” and to achieve FSS certification, all criteria need to be complied with. However, complying with all requirements at once can be challenging for a farm and may take more time to achieve full compliance. In these situations, the FSS offers an alternative path: Food Security Sensitive Management (FOSSEM).

Upscaling the Right to Food through Certification

What happens if the Right to Food is violated in the very first step of the supply chain – where agricultural products like coffee, rubber or palm oil are grown? This happens in countries affected by hunger which produce products for global markets. The Food Security Standard (FSS) provides a solution: with this certification, the private sector can assess the local food security situation and showcase their commitment to human rights.
Food Security Standard